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I was originally planning on writing at least one blog post per month. 

August came and went...

September passed me by...

Spooky season is now over...

Well, it's the thought that counts, right?

A few years back, the metro Atlanta area was "blessed" for a short time with a rare event. A cold, soft, powdery substance paralyzed the entire city. Panicking southerners everywhere hoarded break and milk, boarded their windows, and shut down all schools.

Yes, that is indeed our normal reaction to a few inches of snow.

However, the occasion coincided with our monthly SENC Nerf war. Nerfers being a slightly more hardy folk, we decided not to cancel the event, and made the slippery trek to our local battlefield. 

Players were dropping like flies all day, falling victim to the merciless, slippery ground. Our blasters were clogged, our clothes were soaked, and the passerby wondered what was wrong with us.

While we certainly still had lots of fun, I don't think anyone made it out of the event unscathed. Except me, of course. I scoffed at their clumsiness and reveled in their misfortune.

...until the VERY end of the VERY last game, going up the hill to the staging area for the last time. I slipped, and the entire left side of my body was promptly coated with mud. The barrels on my poor Arrowstorm looked like I had plunged them into the ground, as if they were a flag used to claim territory. The drive home was unpleasant (but the shower was great!).

I relay that grim tale only as a reference as to how powerful hubris can be.

This past weekend, I was invited to a birthday war at a fellow Nerfer's backyard. A few players I knew, most others were newer, invited from their local community. Of course, I brought my 1995 Crossbows and made the young'uns respect the old school. We all had a good time.

The terrain was wooded, with holes, tree roots, and fallen leaves giving our feet a lot to think about. I've played in enough local parks to know how easily one can slip and fall on the forest floor. I joked several times about the likelihood of us taking a tumble at any given moment.

Indeed many of us, including me, took a few falls while jogging, but we all recovered quickly (some more gracefully than others). But fate would have its way with me yet. 

In the very last round, I was hit while fleeing from a flywheel menace. I tripped and felt my ankle roll as I went down. It was fortuitous that it was my last life, as I 100% would have kept playing, even from a prone position. 

It's not like I had any control over it, but I still felt annoyed that my body let me down like that. Thankfully, I was around friends that gave me a lift back home (my car is a manual; I need both feet to drive it T.T). 

I'm currently waiting on the x-ray results to tell me how long I need to be couch-ridden. At this point, I've been Nerfing for over half my life. I'm a few decades from being physically out the game, but I'm not a strapping young lad anymore. Remember folks, as the saying goes: "if you take care of your body, your body will take care of you."

(quoted by the guy eating fried food on the couch)

While it sucks my mobility is reduced to that of a one-legged fowl, I'd like to think I can still find humor in the situation. To that end, we're offering a 10% discount off your orders for the next two weeks with the code clumsychicken. If you didn't get an email about it, make sure to sign up for our email newsletter; we won't spam your mailbox or anything.

Of course, order fulfillment may be delayed, due to the aforementioned injury. Your patience is greatly appreciated.

Hope you have a great week, wherever you are! 

Thanks for reading,

- flyingchicken


Been listening to and loving "Lightwork," the new album by Devin Townsend.

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