Happy New Year! Sneak peak on upcoming deals.

Happy New Year! Sneak peak on upcoming deals.

Congratulations on surviving yet another rotation around the sun! Whether or not you care for the holiday season, I hope the past few weeks have been kind to you and your family (especially all you retail and postal workers).

I feel like I can share how my Christmas celebration went, as it's tangentially hobby-related. For the past few years, I've started making an event out of giving my family their gifts. The first time, I wrapped all their presents in identical, unlabeled packages, and they had to guess which present went to which person (it was fairly obvious). Last year, I hid their presents around the house, and they had to find them based on clues given to them (à la "The Amazing Race"), which was extremely entertaining.

This year, I set up all my family's unlabeled presents akin to an arcade prize wall, where they had to score points and exchange them for a present (the prize costs ranged from 30 to 120 points). To score points, they used a Dart Zone Tomcat to shoot at a Nerf Digital Target about 15 feet away. Each person had 5 shots before handing off to the next person. It took them a few rounds to get used to the blaster, but eventually they were scoring between 30-60 points per round. In hindsight, I should have done a better job at the points required-to-monetary value ratio of the prizes, but everyone ended up getting good gifts, and my family really enjoyed the experience. 

(Tomcats are super awesome btw, I've got fun mods planned for one of mine. Did any of y'all snatch up those $8 Tomcats last month? That deal was CRAZY)


As a reward for reading this far, here's a preview of what will be added to the store in the near-ish future:

- Pictured above is a large pile of blasters and accessories I've set aside as "unsellable." But really, it's just a bunch of grade 3 and 4 stuff I wanted to keep for my own projects. People have expressed interest in picking up project blasters on our site, so I'll be adding a whole bunch of them pretty soon (priced reasonably, of course). If you're looking for potential projects, they'll make easy add-ons to your order.

- Melee weapons in various conditions (also pictured above).

- We are finalizing designs for merch, including stickers, shirts, and patches.

- Hopefully in a few weeks, we will be having a sale on all modified blasters. As always, you can be the first to hear about it by signing up for our newsletter.


Thank you to all our customers and friends for supporting Blaster Barn. These first five months since our opening have gone as well as they could have, and I feel incredibly fortunate to be spearheading this endeavor.


While I don't make any New Year's resolutions (to avoid disappointing myself), I've got quite a few plans I'm looking forward to actualizing. Come what may, I hope you will continue to support our vision, and that we all do our part to contribute to this hobby that we love.


Thanks for reading,

- flyingchicken

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Keep up the good work! Can’t wait to see how this site grows and innovates.

Kyle O'Donnell

Can’t wait for the merch. It’s about time to represent, y’all.

Randall Wunder-Smith

You’re awesome….

Mike Perry

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