Hello? Is this thing on?

Hello? Is this thing on?

My friend Drac is no stranger to being involved in big projects; it feels like every other week, he tells me about this cool new thing he's working on and the people he's working with.

But me? I've been working on this one big Blaster Barn project for months, and with the official launch time growing closer, I've been feeling quite nervous.

The video announcement was created prior to EndWar, but we weren't quite ready to launch it until afterwards. It was finally uploaded just a few hours ago, and we're already up to over 60 orders! Frankly, I was worried we wouldn't have more than a few dozen, so I'm pleasantly surprised, a bit overwhelmed, and slightly fearful.

Thank you all very much for this support. I'm going to try my darnedest to provide y'all with the best service I can.

I humbly ask for your patience and understanding as we go through the initial phase of orders, as there will undoubtedly be some kinks to iron out.   

International shipping is set up, but I've heard from some people it doesn't work.

The commissions page will hopefully be set up sometime in the next two weeks, so if there's a blaster you want Drac and I to work on for you, start dreaming it up!

Also, we'll be adding new stuff semi-frequently! We've got a litany of custom blasters I made for FoamCon that'll be listed soon. If you haven't seen any pics/video of our booth, there are some very cool pieces you'll definitely want to check out. 

Please feel free to ask any questions. I look forward to fulfilling your orders :)

Thanks for reading,

 - flyingchicken


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Love this site! Don’t have to scour Mercari much anymore! Is there a chance that there could be more buzz bee blasters like the rapid fire tek or the big blast soon?

Ethan Roy

I love this new site. It is awesome to find new pieces to add to my foam arsenal.


I’d like to be able to know how many of each blaster is left in stock or storage!


How about Nerf Dog?
When can we expect to see Nerf Dog products on the site up for sale?
Our Nerf Dog Bazooka ball blaster broke. So we will be checking back on the site for your Nerf Dog products. Thanks Drake and Chillin.


What a awesome concept to be bringing to the foam flinging arena! I just viewed the site and got the preview up in Rochester. I’ll definitely be visiting for my own builds and desired collection additions.

Robert (Dusty)

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