Frequently Asked Questions

Do blasters come with ammo/magazines/attachments?

No. All blasters and accessories are sold individually. 

However, some items may include specific accessories. Be sure to check each item's description.


When will you restock x item?

All of our stock is received secondhand and irregularly, akin to a thrift store. We cannot guarantee when we'll restock a certain item. If you'd like to know when a particular item is restocked, you can sign up for email notifications using the black bar on the right side of an item's page. 


My order arrived non-functional or damaged/What's your refund policy?

We test every item to ensure proper functionality before listing it. 

If you have received an item that you believe does not match its described condition, or are otherwise dissatisfied with what you received, please contact us.


Why did I receive a partial refund before my item shipped?

You were overcharged.

To put it simply: Shopify's shipping calculator isn't great at estimating combined shipping. As a result, the shipping costs of each item from an order can add up to something outrageous, especially for international orders.

Since we're not into ripping off our customers, we like to reimburse the difference between the shipping cost you paid and the shipping cost we paid wherever possible.


Why are shipping costs so high compared to Foam Pro Shop?

The vast majority of Foam Pro Shop orders are tiny parts that fit in bubble mailers or small boxes. They are rather cheap to ship.

Blaster Barn sells mostly oblong plastic items, whose weight and dimensions necessitate the use of larger boxes. As shipping costs are usually more dependent on size than weight, this translates to higher costs.

Ultimately, the cost of shipping is beyond our control. The whole American shipping system has been strained for a long time. We would love to have consistently reasonable shipping costs (especially for our international customers). Unfortunately, that is simply the nature of the things we sell.

That being said, if your estimated shipping cost seems outrageous to you, send us a message with which items you you'd like to purchase, as well as your ZIP code. We can make an individualized shipping quote for you. However, this will make your order take longer to fulfill.


Why were y'all gone for so long in late 2023?

Unexpected complications that arose during our relocation. We'll hopefully be able to provide a more detailed explanation in the coming months.


Do you deliver in person/Can I pick up my order?

No, we currently do not have a static location where you can pick up your order.


I have stuff I want to sell, will you buy it?

Possibly! Check our "Buylist" section for more info.


Will you build me a custom baster?

Sure! Check our "Commissions" section for more info.