Looking to clear up some space in your plastic armory? Need some extra cash? Being forced to clean your room?

We're always looking to buy your gently used foam dart blasters and accessories! 

Whenever we travel to events around the USA, come meet us in person and exchange your plastic for paper (physical or digital)! Check the The Chicken Coop for announcements on where and when we might be near you.

If you're in the USA and interested in selling to us via shipping (and you have PayPal), please follow these steps:

  1. Send an email to with information about what you'd like to sell, including clear pictures and an itemized list with detailed descriptions.
  2. If we're interested in buying what you have, we will reply with an offer that includes the price of shipping. For estimating your shipping cost, our ZIP code is 32773. Once we agree to the total amount, ship us your package. 
  3. Once we receive your shipment and verify everything is as described, we will pay you via PayPal.

If you're in the Central Florida area and you'd like to sell us your stuff in person, please let us know in your initial message.


  • Make sure your descriptions are accurate! Unless you specify otherwise, we expect each item to be completely functional, unmodified, and in overall good condition. If the items you send aren't as described, then we can't pay you the full amount we agreed to.
  • When calculating your shipping cost, don't use the UPS or USPS websites. You can find the cheapest prices with a third-party shipping site (I personally recommend Pirate Ship).
  • If you're struggling to find a suitable shipping box, ask a local business/big-box store if they have extra cardboard boxes (they always do). Don't be afraid to cut a big box down to save on shipping. Make sure there's enough packing material so everything isn't jostling around.